(Born in 1991, USA)


University of California San Diego, Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts Studio, 2014
Digital Arts Regional Occupational Program, Valhalla High School, 2009


2019 Subterranean, Mesa College Gallery, San Diego
2018 Feminism Now, Sweden
2018 4141 Garage Gallery Show, San Diego
2017 Don't Shut Up, City College Gallery, San Diego
2017 Lafayette Summer Kickoff, San Diego
2017 Pop Art at Bar Basic, San Diego
2016 The Dead Are Not Yet Quiet, SDAI, San Diego
2016 University Heights Arts Open, San Diego
2016 Monster Drawing Rally 3, SDAI, San Diego
2016 Luscious, Mesheeka Gallery, San Diego
2016 Perfect 10: 3, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego
2016 Feminism Now, Gallery D, San Diego
2016 MAS Attack 12, SDAI, San Diego
2016 Far Out 2, Art Kami, San Diego
2016 Stop at Nothing, Art Kami, San Diego
2016 Pinup Art Show, La Bodega, San Diego
2015 Sharpie Show, La Bodega, San Diego
2015 43 Students/ 43 Artists: 2,Border x Border, San Diego
2015 Summer Spellbinders, SDAI/Low, San Diego
2015 Perfect 10 : 2, La Bodega, San Diego
2015 Japanese Monsters, Art Kami, San Diego
2015 Comic Art , Art Kami, San Diego
2015 Waterworks, Art Kami, San Diego
2015 Far Out, Art Kami, San Diego
2015 Monster Drawing Rally 2, SDAI/Low, San Diego
2015 30 Under 30, Art Kami, San Diego
2015 Rebirth, Art Kami, San Diego
2015 VENUS, La Bodega, San Diego
2015 Chee Chee Club, Alexander Salazar, San Diego
2014 Zodiac, Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego
2014 Pup Art, Hairy and Merry, San Diego
2014 Dia De Los Muertos, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego
2014 Art Trade Show 5, Canvas Gallery, San Diego
2014 Monster Drawing Rally 1, SDAI/Low, San Diego
2014 Assorted Flavors, Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego
2014 Perfect 10, La Bodega Art Gallery, San Diego
2014 Xenophilia, UCSD Price Center West, San Diego
2014 Juncture, Mandeville Auditorium, San Diego
2014 Thresholds, Kamil Gallery, San Diego
2014 lost & found, Kamil Gallery, San Diego
2013 Cheap & Nasty, Kamil Gallery, San Diego
2009 GUHSD Student Show, Parkway Plaza, San Diego


2018 Zodiac Ero, Burn All Books, San Diego
2016 Feminist Artists Coloring Book
2016 Feminism Now Catalogue
2015 Charity Zine Cancer Drive
2014 San Diego Pacific Magazine, Dec. Issue
2014 From Hell to Highwater Zine, Lisa Mendez/Uno Foto Art
2014 Honors Studio Publication, Rachel Kim and others
2013 Paradise Creek Zine, Hannah Johansen, Woodbury School of Architecture
2013 SOFT MASC ORCS, Hannah Johansen, sold at SDAI gift shop.
2013 TINY ERO 1, Hannah Johansen, sold at SDAI gift shop.
2009-2012 CIA Publicity Posters, Banners, T-shirts. UCSD campus.
2007 GUHSD College Fair advertising with posters and postcards.


2015 "Diplomatic Dick Debate", Nancy Grace TV Show
2015 “Self Into Goddess II @ SDAI”, San Diego Art Institute
2015 “Black Mass @ World Beat Center”, Balboa Park, San Diego
2014 “Experiment 02: Orthohorror”, Art Around Adams Street Fair, San Diego
2014 “Week with Zach”, San Diego
2014 “Fluxus Art Trade”, UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
2013 “Experiment 01: Operating Table”, UCSD York Hall
2013 “Red Lines”, UCSD Mandeville Auditorium
2013 “I Love Food”, UCSD Sixth College
2013 “Into the Sea”, Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego
2012 “Transformation of Self Into Goddess”, UCSD Mandeville Building
2011 “Black Mass @ Spooky Place”, Presidio Park Witches Tower, San Diego


2014 Russel Grant Foundation Award, used for painting supplies and my student solo show, Thresholds.

Additional Experience

2014-15 Co Editor in Chief of SanDiegoArtShows.com, where I posted content from art shows and studio visitations.
2015 Internship with SDAI Creative Director Marina Grize. Learned about nonprofits, galleries, museums, networking, and advertising.
2014 Guest speaker at UCSD studio art class.
2013 Accepted into UCSD's selective yearly undergraduate Honors art program.
2013 Hosted live figure drawing workshop for undergraduates, promoting audience participation as models.
2009-12 UCSD Student Organization Marketing Officer of “CIA”. Created promotional material for all events including t-shirts, posters, postcards, logos and banners.




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